Aviator strategies and tactics

In 2019, developer Spribe has launched Aviator, a new crash computer game. The slot is based on a random number generator. The machine is presented in the service of major international casinos and bookmakers, such as Pin up, Betano, Estrela bet.

On the wave of growing popularity of the new machine gambling fans began to look for options to calculate the actions of artificial intelligence and bypass the algorithm of the random number generator to increase the potential winnings.

In Aviator strategies do not work 100% – it is difficult to predict the multiplier of the next round of flying away airplane. The machine can leave the screen a second after takeoff 2 times in a row or increase the multiplier to x10, x50, x110 for several rounds.

Unpredictability makes the game unique and exciting.Choosing and practicing a strategy increases the chance of getting stable wins in Aviator slot.

Strategy with minimal risk

The key factors of the Aviator minimum risk strategy are small bet size, low odds and patience.

The user bets 1-5% of the bank value depending on the initial account size and withdraws money with a multiplier of 1.10-1.40. Playing according to the strategy will not bring a rapid increase in capital, but will allow you to steadily receive and withdraw profits.

For example, if the client casino Pin-Up deposited a balance of 200 USD, make  the single bets in the Aviator should be up to 10 USD.

To make 2 bets at the same time or to increase the size of the bet in case of a prolonged streak of failures tactics is not provided.

Aviator Game Strategy with minimal risk

Failure will not empty the balance at once.

Moderate risk strategy

A willingness to take moderate risks will allow you to increase the size of your balance faster. The value of a moderate risk Aviator bet depends on the amount won or lost in the round.

The user selects the percentage of the pot and allocates an amount for each trade depending on the size of the account. In case of a loss, it is necessary to increase the size of the bet, after winning – reduce the next bet.

Aviator Game Strategy with modarate risk

For example, a gambler has allocated 100 USD and selected 2% of the balance amount.

Bet, $ Odds Result Total, $ Account total, $
2 2.16 Win 4,32 104,32
2,09 3.48 7,27 109,50
2,19 1.01 Loss 0 107,31
2,15 2.94 Win 6,32 111,48

The tactic does not provide expectation of the quote above the value of 3.00-3.50. Double betting is not provided.

High risk strategy

Play in Aviator on the strategy with high risk can users with a large amount on the balance. The tactic will significantly increase the size of the bank, but increases the risk of a large loss.

The main character trait that allows high risk play is equanimity.

Emotional players who lack the skills to calculate probabilities and are unsure of the mechanics of the slot will lose money quickly.

Aviator Game High risk strategy

A prognosticator who is willing to employ high-risk tactics, deposits, for example, 1000 USD and puts half of the amount in the machine. The prognosticator expects a high odds of at least 20.00 to withdraw the won money.

For 1 round the method will increase the balance up to 10000 USD.

Single betting strategy

Single bets are the winning strategy in Aviator for beginners. Tactics with 1 bet simplifies the task of a beginner player, allows you to master the mechanics of the slot and control the risks.

Learn the mechanics of single bets in the demo version of Aviator.

The Spribe machine allows you to place 2 bets per round. Single bet strategy excludes the second bet.

The tactic allows you to clearly calculate the potential profit, choose the desired income and stick to the strategy without unnecessary risks.

Aviator App Single betting strategy

The tactic “Fixed profit” is suitable for the game.

The slot fan plans in advance the number of rounds and potential winnings. The casino client bets small amounts and does not wait for high multipliers or draws up a large bet and tracks high multipliers.

For example, a patron starts the game with 50 USD and wants to earn 250 USD. To reduce the risk, a multiplier of no more than 3.00 is chosen.

Bet, $ Odds Result Total, $ Account total, $
50 2.11 Win 105,50 105,50
50 2.16 108 163,50
50 2.32 116 229,50
50 1.00 Loss 0 179,50
50 2.59 Win 129,50 259

The basic rule is to interrupt the series when the intended result is achieved.

The strategy with fixed profit helps to control the excitement.

Two simultaneous bets

Experts do not recommend beginners to place 2 simultaneous bets in Aviator. The tactic requires experience and skills – not every beginner will have time to withdraw the second bet and, at best, will not significantly reduce the amount on the balance. At worst – the lost amount will exceed the winnings.

Fans use several combinations to play with two simultaneous bets:

  • 2 identical amounts, different or identical multipliers;
  • 2 identical multipliers, different or identical amounts;
  • the first trade significantly exceeds the second wager;
  • the second amount greatly exceeds the size of the first wager;
  • the multiplier of the second bet greatly exceeds the multiplier of the first bet;
  • the odds of the 2 bets are not significantly different from each other.

Two simultaneous bets strategy in Aviator

Calculating the potential profit and combining strategies in the Aviator game

help reduce risk or increase the level of excitement.

Players like the method for the possibility to increase the bank quickly, calculate bet sizes and do not exceed the pre-selected value of quotes for both bets.

Best betting systems in Aviator

Crash slot Aviator works on the basis of probability theory. The gambling side of the game is the impossibility of predicting the outcome of the next airplane flight. Experienced players try to apply mathematical tactics to Aviator to increase the potential winnings.

Professionals remind that in gambling it is impossible to achieve 100% success over the long haul. It is necessary to take into account the potential financial losses.


Martingale – a common tactic in gambling. The main disadvantage of the option – the need to have a large amount of money in the account. The method assumes a constant increase in case of losing.

A series of bets in Aviator with Martingale tactics, a starting balance of 1000 USD and an initial bet value of 100 USD provides a double increase of the bet after a loss and a return to the original value after a win.

Martingale Aviator App strategy

Bet, $ Multiplier Result Total, $ Account total, $
100 1.02 Loss 0 900
200 2.85 Win 570 1270
100 3.88 388 1558
200 1.07 Loss 0 1358
400 1.17 0 958
600 3.87 Win 2322 2680

Theoretically, Martingale provides a fan of the crash trend in computer games with a high probability of winning – even a prolonged losing streak is sooner or later replaced by success.

La Boucher

Gamblers use 2 Laboucher strategies: classic and reversible.

Classic Le Boucher

About the classic Laboucher system the Aviator fan after a successful bet crosses out 2 amounts from the row of numbers, a loss adds 1 digit to the row.

Classic Le Boucher Aviator App Strategy

Methodology of playing the slot:

  1. Choose in advance profit.
  2. Divide the potential income into several parts, for example, 500 USD into 5 parts of 100 USD. Bet on the method should be the sum of the first and last number of the row: 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100.
  3. Before the next round in the slot to formalize the deal: 100 + 100 = 200 USD.
  4. To withdraw winnings expect multipliers from 2.00.
  5. In case of success, cross out the first and last digit of the row and put the next amount.

If the airplane flies off the screen before reaching the 2.00 mark, the amateur will add the lost sum to the row of numbers: 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 200. The next bet will grow: 100 + 200 = 300 USD.

The lucky streak will allow you to quickly cross off the numbers and earn the intended profit.

Reversible La Boucher

Reverse system involves reverse actions – the user crosses out the row amounts when losing and adds after a successful deal. Reversible Laboucher allows you to play on slots on a predetermined limit and avoid rash bets and large spends.

Reversive La boucher Aviator app strategy

Scheme of the reverse strategy:

  1. Choose the size of bets, for example, 300 USD.
  2. Divide the pot into equal parts, for example, 100, 100, 100.
  3. Put the sum of the first and the last number of the row into the Aviator with multiplier 2.00.
  4. If you lose, cross out the numbers.
  5. Repeat the bet.
  6. In case of luck add the amount to the end of the row: 100, 100, 100, 100, 200.

The numbers crossed out of the series by the reverse Labouchere strategy will force the player to stop after losing the intended bank.

In a successful series, the signal to end the session will be another bet that exceeds the initially allocated limit.


The Fibonacci strategy is based on a sequence of numbers put forward by a medieval mathematician. In the Fibonacci line each number is equal to the sum of 2 previous numbers.

Fibonacci Aviator Strategy

Game in Aviator methodology assumes an increase in the value of the deal after failure. Success will return the casino client to the original bet size.

Forecasters have calculated that the multiplier in Aviator must exceed a figure of 2.62 to successfully play the Fibonacci system.

Bet, $ Multiplier Result   Total, $ Account total, $
10 1.91 Loss 0 90
20 1.85 0 80
30 3.88 Win 116,40 166,40
10 1.07 Loss 0 156,40
20 4.17 Win 83,40 219,80

A prolonged bad streak will empty the bank. The feature of the Aviator slot is the ability to bet with a multiplier higher than 2.62 for several rounds in a row.


The law of equilibrium, formulated by a French scientist, formed the basis of D’alembert’s strategy.

Dalembert Aviator App strategy

Method of Dalembert:

  1. Choose the value of the trade.
  2. Place a bet, wait for a quote above 2.50.
  3. Take the money.
  4. In case of a win, leave the original bet unchanged.
  5. After losing, increase the bet by the original amount.

In a successful series, the casino client reduces the amount of the deal by the size of the original bet.

A series of losses gradually increases the size of the bet by the amount originally selected.

Bet, $ Multiplier Result Total, $ Account total, $
10 2.54 Win 25,40 25,40
10 5.49 54,90 70,30
10 1.85 Loss 0 60,30
20 1.01 0 40,30
30 4.02 Win 120,60 130,90
20 3.17 63,40 174,30

The Dalembert strategy minimizes losses and allows the bank to grow gradually without sudden ups and major losses.


The Paroli system is the perfect strategy for Aviator. The slot allows you to win several times in a row with high probability.

The basis of the methodology is to make a successful series of 3 deals. The profit received in each round is invested by the user – doubling the previous bet. After the third win, the amateur returns to the original amount.

Bet, $ Multiplier Result Total, $ Account total, $
100 2.54 Win 254 254
200 3.49 698 752
400 1.85 740 1092
100 1.01 Loss 0 992
100 4.02 Win 402 1294
200 1.92 Loss 0 1094
100 5.56 Win 556 1550

If the bet loses before the end of the series, it is necessary to return to the original value early.

The Paroli strategy helps not to lose funds on the balance after a series of unsuccessful trades.

Probability theory in the game Aviator

The mathematical theory of probability explains the possibility and frequency of occurrence of events. The probability value never exceeds 1 – 100% of the occurrence of an expected event.

Probability theory assesses the risks that are associated with the occurrence of events. In gambling, mathematical theory explains the frequency of winning or losing.

The principle of the game in the Aviator is based on the theory of probability. With each loss the probability of winning increases. Luck will sooner or later replace the streak of bad luck.

The slot fan can choose any mathematical strategy and increase or decrease the value of the bet in anticipation of a large multiplier, which will help to cover the previous failures.

Proper analysis of past rounds in Aviator

Analyzing the rounds of Aviator slot will not help to reveal mathematical patterns. The game is managed by artificial intelligence. The next multiplier is a random selection.

Minimum multiplier 1.01 players will see, on average, every 50 rounds. Wait for the maximum quote – 200.00 will have to wait at least 1.5 hours.

The duration of rounds in the slot is 8-30 seconds – it is difficult to have time to track and analyze possible patterns.

The results of previous rounds in the slot do not affect future odds.

Risk Management Tips

Playing Aviator involves risks of financial loss. Risk management tips will help minimize losses:

  • set and do not exceed the size of the balance in advance;
  • choose a convenient tactic, do not change the methodology after several failures;
  • work out the chosen strategy on a demo account before playing for real money;
  • do not try to win back losses quickly;
  • do not place a bet for the full amount of the balance;
  • do not bet in an emotionally unstable state or under the influence of alcohol;
  • do not gamble on borrowed funds.

Playing Aviator should be fun, not a source of stress.

The basic rules of the game Aviator

Aviator slot attracts fans with its simple and understandable mechanics. The opportunity to win quickly makes the machine attractive and fuels excitement.

Paroli Aviator App Strategy

Rules Aviator game:

  • placing a wager before the start of the next round;
  • maximum 2 bets per round;
  • the size of the minimum deal – 0.1 USD;
  • the goal is to get the money before the airplane leaves the screen.

The developer provides an opportunity to make auto-bets – choose the amount of the deal, money limits and the number of rounds in advance. Aviator will independently execute the series according to the specified parameters.


I am sure that the main mistakes of beginners when playing on slots are related to emotional instability, attempts to go all-in when losing to compensate for failures.Professionals I know approach betting rationally, carefully choose a strategy for the Aviator, do not focus on one-time wins and failures, analyze in detail the spending and success during the week, month or quarter. Experienced players know that the duration of rounds in Aviator is 8-30 seconds, multiplier 1.01, which becomes the cause of losses, players see, on average, every 50 rounds. Patient fans of the machine expect the maximum quote – 200.00 for at least 1.5 hours during a gaming session.

Recall that Aviator strategies do not guarantee victory in every round. Tactics systematizes the game and helps to increase profits over the long haul.

Expert advice: competent financial management and risk insurance are the main rules of success on the slot.


What is the Single Bet Strategy in Aviator? +

According to the strategy of single bets, the player puts in each round 1 amount of two possible in the slot Aviator.

How to constantly win in Aviator? +

Betting strategies do not guarantee success in every round of the game Aviator. The principle of the slot is based on the theory of probability – the multiplier of the subsequent round does not depend on the quote of the previous one. The user experientially selects the optimal variant of the methodology for the game.

Is it possible to earn on the game Aviator? +

Aviator slot’s high RTP and simple mechanics allow fans to win with a 98% probability.

What is the best strategy to play Aviator? +

The best strategy for playing Aviator is a compromise between the ability to make high profits quickly and the ability to insure financial risks. Players find the best option on their own as a result of applying popular strategies.

How does the Aviator crash game work? +

The idea of the Aviator game is based on the theory of probability – as the airplane gains altitude, the bet multiplier increases. Excitement is added by the fact that the results of rounds are independent of each other – the plane can fly away in a second after the start or allow fans to increase the bet amount by tens and hundreds of times.

Which betting system to choose? +

Fans of the crash game select the variant of playing Aviator independently depending on the set goal and financial possibilities.


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