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What is a cookie

The site uses and stores user cookies.

The visitor of the site has the right to prohibit the storage of cookies. The prohibition reduces the functionality of the site and the customization of the service.

How the site uses cookies

Https:// site uses cookies to improve the functionality of the resource and the usefulness of the information to readers.

Disabling cookies will reduce the customization and usefulness of the site’s information.

Disabling cookies

The user can independently change the browser settings to prevent the transmission of cookies.

Prohibiting the transfer of information will affect the functionality of the sites visited by the reader and the loss of access to part of the services.

The site advises users not to disable cookies.

Cookies used

Https:// website collects and uses cookies from resource visitors:

  • account-related cookies, to manage the registration and administration process;
  • login cookie to save a session without having to log in again;
  • mail cookies to detect user registration and send notifications;
  • order processing cookies to properly process reader requests;
  • cookies associated with surveys, to avoid repetitive questionnaires;
  • forms cookie to remember information for future correspondence;
  • site configuration cookies to remember user preferences.

Third party cookies

In special cases, site uses cookies provided by trusted third parties, such as time spent on the site and pages viewed by the reader.

Https:// website uses analytical algorithms to monitor resource usage and content creation, regularly tests new features and optimizes with cookies to ensure that users experience the content on the site. User interests are tracked for the purposes of business forecasting and analyzing advertising costs.

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We use cookies. This allows us to analyze visitors ‘ interaction with the website and make it better.

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